Sunday, July 5, 2009

"July, July" or "This is for my mom"

So, I've branched out. Planting out, beyond my fire escape.

It rained all through June,
and the zucchini plants became monsters.
I've grown a little scared of them.

They've flowered, and I can see little zucchinis on them.

Though, because they've grown so massive,
they're choking out these little flowers.
This one (above) is doing okay, but another has meet it's end.

I can't take credit for this rose.
The bush was planted by the original owners of our building,
eighty years ago.
They have the most amazing scent ever; almost citrusy.

The strawberries keep getting eaten by birds.
I've since devised a way to keep the birds (and cats) away
(it basically involves James sitting outside and
yelling and waving his arms to shoo them away).

These little babies were grown from seeds.
They are something grown from almost nothing at all.
Call me a simple girl, but I'm amazed every time I look at them.

This is it.
It's actually gotten a little bigger since I took this picture.

And seriously, those zucchinis have gotten surly.


  1. I love this...I can't wait to grow a garden again. I am so impressed that you've carved this little oasis for yourself in that big city.

    And I'm glad James finally has something worthwhile to do.

  2. Sigh.

    My zucchini have not faired so well. They grew and exploded and flowered and then nothing.

    And yet...I can't stop admiring them and remembering back to the time they were little bitty babes.

  3. wow, I wish i could post a picture of our "garden" just for the contrast. you better start looking for zucchini recipes.

  4. Lindsey, thanks, lady. And we're all pretty happy for James. He thinks he's found his calling as a human scarecrow.
    (yikes, i just realized how terribly scary "human scarecrow" sounds. now i'm going to be super nervous sleeping next to that creep.)

    Rachel, for pete's sake (you know which Pete I mean) don't jinx me. I'm crossing my fingers I get a few vegetables out of this patch. My plan is to use them to to ingratiate myself to the firemen next door, so they start inviting me over for barbecues (they grill every night - it drives me insane with jealousy).

  5. Sister, it's not your fault. Only asphodel and bad attitudes grow in the kind of heat you have.