Sunday, July 5, 2009

"July, July", or, "Upper West Side Story"

We had a night out on the town with G.K., Susanna, and Alex.

We stopped at Flor de Mayo,
which is a combo Peruvian/Chinese restaurant.
As amusing as that premise is for a restaurant,
it was totally mediocre.

The company more than made up for the
less than awesome food (thankfully).

We did some walking on the Upper West Side.

Then, instead of the dessert truck*,
we headed to Shake Shack for dessert.
I've cast my aspersions at the Shake Shack in the past,
but, I take them all back.
It was awesome.

James, GK, and Alex thought so too.

We ended the night, romantically enough, buying flowers.

*don't worry, we found the dessert truck later in the week.

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