Monday, August 24, 2009


2 Things:


I have gotten caught in the rain twice this summer. Caught, as in, without an umbrella. The first time was vaguely charming. I was walking home with James, we weren't in any hurry, nor had any place we needed to be. The sky was purple and there was lightening.

The second time I was on my way to the farmers market at Union Square, and then off to do a myriad of other errands. It rained hard. It was not charming.


I just saw a mouse in my house. This isn't the first time. Last winter we had one. Lefty. He spent a lot of time under the oven. When I heard him scuttling around, I would take off my slipper and throw it at the oven. That usually made him go away. Or, at least, until I went to sleep.

Now, there is another mouse. But, it's summer, and I'm not wearing slippers these days. So, I don't have anything to throw.

1 comment:

  1. throw james. that ought to scare the mouse....and james