Monday, August 24, 2009

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

James and I own this movie on VHS.
As luck would have it, we have a VHS player with which to watch it
(it's a DVD/VCR combo...that's right).

How many movies stand up, really stand up,
to both the test of time and multiple re-watchings?
Not many.
But Ferris've seen it,
you know,
this is something special.

Ferris is the friend,
the older brother,
the boyfriend
I wanted to have.
I still want to have.
He can do anything.
He is the personification of how regular people feel
on their boldest of days.

This movie defined James's high school career
in the most John Hughes like of ways.
He wrote a blog post on it here.
Read it. It's touching.

And re-watch this movie.
On VHS, if possible.

p.s. I might have blown James's mind a few weeks ago when I suggested that Ferris might be a figment of Cameron's imagination.


  1. i think you just blew my mind as well. i don't think that movie was meant to blow minds, yet, apparently, it just did.

  2. Mind carnage continues unabated.