Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Highline Skyline

James has been dying to go to Highline Park since it opened.

It was, at one point, an elevated railway that delivered freight
up and down the west side of the city.
It's been closed for years until some people,
including Jon Bon Jovi (yeah, that's right),
pushed for the city to make it a park.

The rails are still there, wildflowers native
to New York are planted,
and the views of the city change with each block.

We went while Annie was in town.

The photo below is one in a second set of pictures
James took of the three of us.
In the first set, Annie clutches her purse to her chest
like a senior citizen in an arcade.

And no, Shiloh did not just come from a fishing trip,
and she is not wearing waders.

Pete seemed to have a pretty good time, too.

This point of the day was close and humid.
James, Annie, and I had eaten lunch at Pomme Frites
(just french fries, that's all they do),
and if I recall correctly, Annie was fading, fast*.
You can't tell in the pictures, because she looks fresh as a daisy,
but take my word for it.

Or, just look at this picture.
Annie is not auditioning for a role in 21 Jump Street here,
she's just spent*.

Luckily, we found the most fortuitous Q'dobo nearby.

It's funny how, when people come to visit,
you plan and plan all these interesting, exciting things to do,
but it always turns out that the most unexpected,
unplanned moments are the best.
Q'dobo, a Chipoltle-like chain,
was air-conditioned, had plenty of seats, coke and dr. pepper,
a bathroom, and food.
Andy escaped work early and joined us,
and suddenly it was like being in college again,
having just escaped Rexburg,
gathered around a mildly sticky table at the IF Chili's,
and we spent a refreshing hour talking and laughing
and finishing Annie's quesadilla.

*correction: Annie was not tired. just really, really hip.


  1. why do you have to go telling everyone i'm spent? i look super hip in that picture, like a bandana clad, ripped up shirt, and acid-washed jeans wearing johnny depp, and you go and ruin it for me.

    also, that was a good quesadilla.

  2. (This is a comment I started earlier today and deleted, by the way!)

    I heard about this park on NPR and was fascinated. I want to go to there.

  3. Annie: okay, I made the change. Now everyone knows you were certainly not tired, you could have gone all day.

    Marta: It is fascinating. They have these wooden lounge chairs with wheels set on the train tracks, so you can move your chair along the rails. It's kind of awesome.
    It's early yet, so the plants are small, and it's still really clean. Come soon, and we'll go right over there.
    And thanks for commenting.