Saturday, August 29, 2009

Murder, She Wrote

Yeah, I already did a post on this, but, as Annie pointed out, that was really more of an excuse to show pictures from my trip to Cape Cod.

This one, all about the show.

It's amazing. I'm currently on Season 7. I've watched seasons 1-6, and every episode a priceless gem.

Jessica Fletcher is a retired school teacher from a small town in Maine, Cabot Cove. She writes a first novel, The Corpse Danced at Midnight, for fun, to pass the time. Her nephew, Grady Fletcher, submits it to a New York publisher through a girl who is the first of his many, many love interests. The publisher, Sutton Place Publishers, run by Preston Giles (who will be arrested and sent to jail for a murder he committed to cover up his jail break many years earlier---this happens in the first episode), accepts the manuscript, and Jessica is an overnight success.

She sees a lot of murder, I'll be the first to admit it. But, it's believable, really. She travels a lot, for her books, and just happens to be in a lot of places where murders happen. Some people just attract that kind of thing.

There's an episode in season 3 where she teams up with Magnum P.I. (yeah, you read that right) to solve a crime. It's a two parter; the first half was shown on Magnum, the second on Murder, She Wrote. It's as good as you'd image it is...which is awesome.

Okay, it's on Netflix, you can watch it instantly. I would recommend it.


  1. how many people do you know that just "attract" murder wherever they go? and no, you can't count angela lansbury.

    can i just watch the cross-over with magnum p.i. or is it one of those shows that you have to watch beginning to end?

  2. You know, the repeating story arch for this show was much like that of the A-team.

    Angela Lansbury is my only NYC celebrity citing that didn't require the assistance of my wife's eagel eye. There I was at a computer in the NYU career center, minding my own business, when I hear a sweet old voice say "Oh my, isn't that just wonderful?" and I thinks to myself__"That's Mrs. Potts!" Sure enough. But what was Angela Lansbury doing at the NYU career center? Come to think of it, there had been an awful lot of suspicious characters runnin' around there lately...