Tuesday, August 11, 2009

On the Mean Streets of Park Slope

On the mean streets of Park Slope
(an oxymoron if there ever was one),
the shaved ice guy is the best deal in town.

It was a hot July morning.
We got cherry lime.
James's combination idea.
It was bitchin'.

James was beside himself.

Annie too.


  1. There's a shaved ice shop nearby that has been announcing its arrival for 2 months now with no sign of it actually opening. I want to throw eggs at it to let them know I'm disappointed.

    The Greatest Slurpee I've Ever Had was cherry lime. That James has smarts.

  2. wait one red hot minute!? he actually has a huge block of ice! that is so awesome, i don't think i have seen one of those, like ever. makes me think you guys are back in the 1920s

  3. Annie: come back to brooklyn. soon.

    Rachel: that blows. there should be a law preventing people from adversting without delivering. those people should be jailed. citizen's arrest.

    allen: you betcha. a giant block of ice and a rad shaver tool. it was amazing. well worth the $2 we paid.

  4. love that this was bitchin'. New fave expression.
    And I am seriously jealous. How many times a day do I say the only suck part about Boston is that there are NO snow cone. None. I ask it about 23.4 times a day- whether out loud or to myself. Enjoy your summer full of snow cones. sure.

  5. Chelsea, the shaved ice guy is one Chinatown bus away. Give us a call when you get here.