Wednesday, August 12, 2009

This is

the summer of the mosquito.

Annie Howington tells a story of how,
in elementary school,
a bee flew into the sleeve of
her Bart Simpson t-shirt
and stung her shoulder.

Annie...I know how you feel.
I'm going to start wearing tighter pajamas.


  1. don't you have screens on your windows? where are these mosquitos coming from?

    and honestly, i am surprised it only happened the one time. that shirt was like 5 sizes too big. it was the style...

  2. Was it the style, Annie? Or did your mother dress you in hand-me-downs? Because she wasn't sure they were going to keep you?

    And Valerie, I've purchased you the tightest pajamas possible. They're made by Gladlock.

  3. get a big fan and have it blow right at you while you sleep. Then the little mosquitoes can't get to you with that hurricane force wind blowing them away. Don't laugh it works.

  4. Annie, yes, I do have screens on my windows. Why does everyone keep asking me that? They JUST GET IN, okay?

    James, thanks for the thoughtful gift.

    Silvia, thanks for the advice. I don't think I'm going to take it, though, because it seems insane.