Monday, August 31, 2009

This one Time, When We Got Out of Town

So, we New Yorkers,
when we need a weekend away,
we head up to our country home.

when you're us,
you head up to our friend's aunt and uncle's country home.

First, you pick up necessary Big Gulps.

Then, drive a short way,
but taking a looooooooooong time
(Queens traffic).

Then, you get there,
and lay around a whole bunch,
go antiquing,
and swim a lot in a pool that feels like a bathtub
(it was wonderful).

Then, find a rope swing,

and have a perfect summer moment.

There was some lots of time spent eating,
and then even more time given to watching a
certain movie many, many times.

It was wonderful, wonderful.
And kind of perfect;
I wish we could do it every weekend.


  1. You are super cute on a rope swing.

  2. The movie was Twilight, everyone. Twilight. 5 times. 3 days. Twilight.