Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I'm a lucky girl.
I have a lot of good, good friends.
A lot.
Good friends.
And they're good for some of the same things,
and then, they are good for different things.

Susanna is good for helping me be brave.

She and I tried a few classes on for size.
One of them was ballet at Mark Morris.

It's in Brooklyn, close to BAM
(but not the same as BAM, so don't try to make out a check to BAM,
because the people at the front desk will catch you
on your way out and tell you to change it),
and it was great.

After a good long time away, it was great to be back,
pulling out my ballet shoes, using muscles I haven't been much acquainted with,
and hearing ballet music.


This is no ordinary ballet music.
They have a pianist in class, listening as the instructor
explains an exercise,
and then playing music to fit it.

It's amazing and (because I've never seen it anywhere else) so New York.


  1. how'd you get a picture of us? that's amazing. we look pretty good if I do say so myself, however in black and white you can't see my fuschia leotard.


  2. Two of my sisters-in-law were pianists for the local ballet center here in Murray. I think that would be a fantastic job.

  3. I think my dad's brother Tom also used to sometimes play for dance classes, in his earlier days in nyc. I wonder if that is fun for pianists.