Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Re: The Blog Below

While I do think this is really interesting, I also find it really annoying.

I mean, yeah, I eat some of the things the Revis family eats (pizza, Ragu spaghetti sauce, cereal), but, I've also been known to eat a piece of fruit now and then.

It's like the creators of this feature went into a grocery store and just waited until they found a cart without produce of any kind, and no less than 2 cases of Diet Coke, and thought to themselves, This is our family.

Perhaps this is what an average family eats. However, if this is the case, not only am I not average, but I don't know anyone who is.

But, maybe you are. Maybe you look at that photo and think, yeah, that looks about right.

If so, lay off the Burger King* and eat an apple, for crying out loud.

*I'm a big fan of the chicken crowns at the burger king.


  1. to be fair, they did have some grapes and tomatoes in there under all the junk.

  2. SERIOUSLY, who the hell spends over 300 dollars a week on groceries??? I bet you that my mom fed a family of 6 for that a month. I spend about 40 pounds a week on groceries and that's including the rare times we eat out. And that is three meals a day for two people (okay five meals a day for me, but I have a good excuse).

    I find the fact that I spend NO money on booze each week makes my paycheck go further. Although, Darren is consuming a lot of DC these days.

    SO interesting....and fun to look at the different pictures. Especially the UK one and the US one. I must admit that the US one looked DELIGHTFUL! :)

  3. Sarah: Okay, okay, I did see the grapes. They were behind the fruit loops, right?

    Lindsey: I love how up in arms you are about this. I love to think of what I'd be eating if I spent $300 at the grocery store. I can tell you that whatever it was would be covered in gold.
    Since starting at 30 Rock, James has been eating two meals a day there, which has helped our budget considerably. We used to spend a fortune on cereal.
    p.s. I also eat about 5 meals a day, with no excuse whatsoever.

  4. If I had 300 dollars a week to spend on groceries I'd be eating whale eggs and veal wrapped veal.

    And are klondike bars a meal? Because I might have eaten 10 meals yesterday.

  5. James, whales are mammals. I've told you this a dozen times.

  6. james, i'd like to see you try to get a whale egg, because indeed, they are mammals. my diet consists of PB&J, chocolate, apples, and pete's leftover scraps. Consequently I eat a bit more than 3 meals a day, and unlike Lindsey, I have no excuse.

  7. wait, above comment is shiloh, not andy