Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Book Report

Last book I had to put down halfway through, because the suspense was too much:

Runners Up: The Road, 7th Harry Potter

Best ending:
(hands down) Catch 22

Best first chapter:
(hands down) 4th Harry Potter

Last book to make me cry:
7th Harry Potter (yesterday)
Runners Up: Bel Canto, The Road, The Chosen

Weird narrative gimmick that I was all, oh, I don't know, but then totally got on board with:
Motherless Brooklyn (narrator has Turrets)
Runner Up: Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (entire story told through letters)

Best War Book:
Slaughterhouse Five

Runner Up: The Moon is Down

Best Summer book:
Dandelion Wine
Runners Up: Jesus' Son, Great Gatsby

Best Winter book:
Doesn't exist. Good literature happens in the summer; it's the heat, it pushes people to the breaking point.

Best Nuclear Winter book:
The Road

Runner Up: Tuesdays with Morrie

Best Character Name:
"Jig" from "Hills like White Elephants"
Runner Up: "Jem" from To Kill a Mockingbird

Best Jane Austin:
Pride and Prejudice

Best Bronte:
Wuthering Heights
(I find Jane Eyre a bit too preachy)

Pulitzer Prize Nominee where I was all, what?:
A Staggering Work of Heartbreaking Genius

Pulitzer Prize Winner that assured me that the Pulitzer Prize committee was not, in fact, completely asleep on the job:
The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay

Runner Up: Middlesex

Character I'd most like to be:
Thursday Next, from the Thursday Next series

Character I'd least like to be:
Offred from The Handmaid's Tale

The book I could find on my bookshelf in my sleep, the book I can read like braille, the book I'd pack with me in the face of natural disaster:
To Kill a Mockingbird
Runners up: None

**please note, these are all books I've read very recently. There are bound to be other books, books from my past, that will occur to me in coming days as deserving to make this list. And those books will haunt me like Hamlet's father, and I'll probably have to make a second book list.

photo via flickr, but I can't recall the exact location...sorry


  1. This list just makes me so happy. I LOVE book lists.

    I would actually put Rebecca on the Best Winter Book list because I read it on a very cold winters day, all bundled up, and it was one of the most amazing reading experiences of my life. I not only shut the book from all the suspense, I buried my head under my blanket and shivered.

    Last book that made me cry: Anne of Ingleside, yesterday, when it references Walter's death. Let's not talk about it.

  2. Rachel, good call on the winter book. It's a rainy day in Brooklyn, perfect for reading.

    There were so many books I left off my list, books that really deserved to be there. The Anne books, Little Women, tons on non-fiction...but, alas...

  3. um, i thought those were actually your feet. they kind of look like it. is that weird, that i may be able to recognize your feet? apparently not very well though...