Thursday, October 22, 2009

Kicklines and Contraband

I have now been to Radio City Music Hall on two occasions.
One was to see the Rockettes
(who were awesome, by the way),
and the last time,
last Wednesday,
was to see Regina Spektor
(also pretty great, though, fewer kicklines).

My cousin Sophie gave Annie and me tickets,
and they were way better seats than
I would have ever gotten myself.

Annie was pretty jazzed to be there.

We sat right behind Regina's family,
which we knew for certain when the girl next to us,
angling for a backstage pass,
started asking
(she didn't get the meet and greet, she left when we did).

I'm a little dismissive of mid-town sometimes.
It's nuts up there, a lot of tourists, not a lot of places to eat,
and I don't have a ton of reasons to go up there.
But, every time I do, I kind of love it.
There so many lights, so many people, and just so much energy.
It's kinda great.

(annie's the one carrying the red bag)

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  1. This sounds like such a fun sister night out on the town. Lucky!!!!