Monday, October 5, 2009

if I squint my eyes, I can see the sun

Guess where we went.

You'll never guess, I'll just tell you.

With borrowed sleeping bags, a borrowed tent,
and plenty of attitude all our own,
we headed upstate (just barely) for Labor Day.

Here we have Chris with his Polaroid camera. Try to find it.

We barbecued and camped Friday night,
and on Saturday dedicated a
large part of the morning to lolling about,
and generally not moving much.

Then, we headed out to the lake, and for $5, rented one of these.

This is my towel
(others might lay claim to it,
but you should ignore them...Annie A.),
set against the wooded backdrop.

This is the lake, and the dock we totally dominated all day.
Here's a fact. I like lakes.
Since moving away from California, I've swum in a lot of them.
But, every time I jump in,
I'm totally weirded out by the fact that the
water is neither chlorinated nor salted.
and I miss both.

James and Chris talk. Seriously.

Pals Chris and Elizabeth took a loooooooooong canoe ride,
and James and I spent a pleasant hour waiting for them on a dock
(different dock from above).

Like the wary ship's captain that I am,
I keep a weather eye out for our friends to return safely to port.


  1. On the practice of lolling about whilst camping: I LOVE IT. It's my favorite part, in fact. Stumbling out of your tent in the morning, finding a camp chair in front of the fire and parking it until you're good and ready to move.

    Also, in the bottom picture, you look like you're ten feet tall. Have you been taking tips from Tyra Banks?

  2. Rachel. Thanks for your comment about the picture. I think this is the only time in my life my legs have ever looked long. Which is, of course, why I posted it. It's a lucky angle, an angle which I plan on replicating for the rest of my life: "what's that, a camera you're holding? Sure, just crouch down her on this portable dock I carry with me, and I'll do this, and you take the photo from it. Perfect."

    The rest of my life.