Thursday, October 8, 2009

Necissary Miles

I went to California in September.
What's the one thing I always do
when I go to California not at Christmas?

Road trip with my dad, that's what.

We went to Arizona, and this is what we saw:

This was during our lunch break.
Notice how the exposed non-metal parts of this phone have somehow tanned.

Throughout the week I sent James pictures of the
temperature read-out.

This was not as bad as it got.

James said the first time he came to
Southern California to meet my family,
he was amazed at the constantly cloudless sky.

I've only just started to appreciate it.

My dad's a good driving companion because of the following reasons:

He's a good sport.
I wanted to stop at Carls Jr.,
and even though there's one quite near him at home,
he agreed.

He needs to stop to go to the bathroom more frequently than I do,
so I don't feel like I'm slowing down the drive.

He buys a lot of junk food,
which allows me to both roll my eyes in a disapproving,
but resigned sort of way,
and still eat all the junk food I want.

This was just the drive out.
I drove the whole way, searching constantly for radio stations
(the cd player is broken).
Luckily, I found a lot of christian rock and country music.
My two favorites.


  1. question: did he, at any time, wear the "i got this body from junk food" t-shirt.
    (please say yes, please say yes, please say yes...)

  2. Annie: No, he doesn't wear that shirt much these days. It's gotten a little threadbare. He's replaced it with a shirt I got him from American Apparel. Yeah, he's a hipster.

    Ana: You and me both.