Friday, October 23, 2009

Oh, that? It's my Chocolate Emmy

Hey Gang.

James and I were involved with a film project,
and I've been dying to share it with you.

The screening of the film was last night,
so now we're free to link people to the you-tube location.

This film was made in 24 hours, for the
Brooklyn 24 hour Film Race.

James was a writer on the project,
and didn't sleep for about 72 hours straight.

As you can imagine, it was pretty fun.
We filmed in an abandoned Catholic school in
Greenpoint, Brooklyn.
There was a supremely creepy basement,
which James and the other writers thought
was a good idea to explore in the dead of night.

As it turns out, it was not a good idea.

The people we worked with were so talented and fun,
and such professionals.

We filmed it in one shot,
which I loved,
because it was almost like doing a play;
as opposed to the disjointed experience film usually is.

Here it is.
(watch in HD if possible,
just click the icon right away)

p.s. this is safe for all ages
picture via here


  1. "Sarah" is wearing your wedding ring! Ha!

    i really liked the movie. I especially love the idea, and I ESPECIALLY love that it was done in one shot. That's my favorite thing about it. I also enjoy the tension of not seeing his face and the idea that it didn't matter if you never saw his face, but when you do, it's through a mirror, because it's you, it's everyone.

    great job.

  2. Can I have your autograph? Or, if not your autograph, then a cookie?

    I loved it.

  3. Have I mentioned lately how rad you and James are?

  4. Valerie, that is amazing. I love that it is all one shot. You are on my "famous people that I know" list.

  5. Lizzy, Good eye, it is my ring. It confused James all day. Especially when Jen started insisted the two of them pick out a china pattern.
    Thanks for the comments, I also loved that you didn't see his face, and I looooved the one shot idea.

    Rachel, consider it done. The autograph, not the cookie. I am currently eating the cookie as I sign the autograph. Sorry.

  6. Lindsey, you can consider us in the mutual appreciation club with you and Big D (that's what I call Darren when he's not around). Thanks for watching.

    Camille, that's funny, because you're the most famous person I know. I loved the concept too. Thanks, lady.

  7. Brill!

    What happened in the basement? How come it wasn't a good idea? Is it haunted?

  8. Dave and I went and checked it out. We really liked it. Of course . . . you guys would be nothing without your looks. ;)