Monday, October 26, 2009


Greetings from Yale.

My aunt and uncle live in New Haven, home to Yale University.
Annie and I went for a visit,
and my uncle gave us a tour of the campus.

The photo above is what's called
"olde campus"
(though, I added the "e". i think it makes it look older).

The photo below is the bottom half of a really wonderful statue of
Nathan Hale.
If you don't know who that is, don't feel bad, I had to ask.
If you do know who that is, congratu-freakin'-lations.

He was a spy for George Washington during the
Revolutionary War.
It was he who famously said,
"I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country".
He caught and hung by the British.
Those jerks.

This is the dining hall, a much fancier Galley
(that's for you BYU-I readers out there).

I showed this picture to James,
and he gasped and asked if it was Hogwarts.

I told him of course it wasn't.
Notice the lack of enchanted ceiling.

This is one of the secret society buildings.
Please note the kissing serpents
(very dubious),
and the windowless building.
Though you can't see it, the doors have no knobs.

The day we visited, New Haven was having a cold snap.
It was 37 degrees.
After our frigid walking tour,
we went back to my uncle's house and sat sandwiched between
the fireplace and a space heater.

Then we ate an amazing dinner
and saw a magical production of The Fantastics.
And I mean magical.
The actors did a lot of magic.
Small hand tricks, and also larger disappearing illusions.

Then Annie and I took the train back to platform 9 3/4,
Grand Central Station,
and shopped the rest of the day away.

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  1. The kissing snakes are the caduceus symbol...was the post near of a medical building/school? The building I live next to was owned by a doctor who had a caduceus symbol incorporated into the building. I'll show it to you next time you are over.