Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Difference of Opinion

James and I do not agree on the subject of jam. He likes strawberry, I like raspberry. He likes chunks of fruit, I do not.

I see this as an impassable problem; a real deal breaker.

He suggested we have two kinds of jam in the house.


Far too lavish.

My need for peanut butter sandwiches was great, however, and now we have three kinds of jam.


I feel like a Rockefeller.

*photo via Shiloh


  1. we have to have mayo AND miracle whip for the same reason. i know how you feel about mayonnaise, but some of us like it.

  2. We have Crest AND Colgate. The plus side I get my very own tube. So just enjoy your bottle o'jam, and feel free to double dip with the knife cause it's ALL yours

  3. i'm with you. chunks=chunks. yuck!

    i did however like the chunks in your cherry jam, much to my surprise.

    happy jamming.

  4. I am no respector of jam flavors so I usually have several in my fridge. I am not a Woman of Elegant Leisure for nothing.