Monday, November 16, 2009

First Impression or, When I Last Saw You

My first memory of my pal, Annie Hurst Howington, is her coming in for a costume fitting for an ill-advised Activities Council activity. It may have involved The old Spori building, a potato bar, and unattractive 1920s dresses.

However, this was not an impression.

My first real memory of her is at Wendy's, sitting across a booth from me, in the sunlight on a Thursday afternoon in the middle of a freezing Rexburg winter.

My strongest first memory of her is Film Festival 2003(?). We had been friends for years at this point, but it's a powerful memory.

We had been up ALL NIGHT; Annie editing her opus, Dirk's Big Date, me, awake as moral support.

Morning came, and I met her in the parking lot of our house, she was in the driver's seat of her tiny SUV, Timmy. She looked showered and changed, but tired and wary. I felt showered and changed, too, but also punchy, and said, "It's shaping up to be a helluva day".

Annie laughed, and as we drove away, I felt, for a moment, the wide, epic, glorious possibility of our youth and friendship.


  1. it's funny how one memory sort-of unlocks a gate to about a thousand more. I thought about wendy's and all the hours of conversation that took place at various eating establishments. i'm at my most profound when i'm eating.

  2. I like reading posts about Annie, who happens to be our favorite daughter-in-law (and not just because she likes fast food as much as we do)!