Friday, November 6, 2009

From the desk of Liz Lemon

My friend Rachel says to always start with the big ticket news item.

In the photo above I'm sitting at Liz Lemon's desk.
I mean, to me, it's no big deal, but,
I don't know,
maybe you think it's a big deal, or whatever.
I don't know...

Annie and I are possibly waiting for Tracy Jordan to return to his dressing room.
We might have had some plot questions about "Who Dat Ninja?"

And here, I may or may not be sitting at Jack Donaghy's desk.

Possibly the best view in the city.
I think this is what Liz sees out her apartment window.


  1. Insane with anger...I mean jealousy. Did I say anger? 'Cause why would I be angry that you took an Annie to the set of 30 Rock, but it was not me Annie, it was some other Annie. Sister shmister...

  2. !!!!



    Aaaaah! Jealous! But that is totally amazing and awesome.

    You should pop into work today to watch the parade.

  3. As you know, the reason why you lead with the big stuff is to give your friends and loved ones time to be amply impressed.

    And I am.

  4. Oh.My.Goodness. I would definitely say big deal.

  5. You are totally a big deal right now!! I just watched all 3 seasons of 30 rock in a week 2 weeks ago. I am a bit obsessed right now. Blurgh!

    So jealous and proud of you!!