Monday, November 9, 2009

Steps Should be Taken

I think, over many blog posts, I've made my feelings about
Harry Potter
I love the books, I love the movies,
and I love the kids who play the characters
who mean so much to me.
And so, it is with a most concerned heart that I offer this advice:
Daniel Radcliffe, fire your stylist.
Whoever is making you dress like this is doing you no favors.

And then, hire whoever dresses you in the movies.
I mean, I know you're playing a character,
but at least you don't look like an overdressed vampire hobbit
(see topmost picture).

Yeah, much, much better.


  1. vampire could be onto the next big thing.

  2. MEEEEOOOWWWW RON, wait I mean Hermione

  3. He does kinda resemble Elijah Wood, and Edward Cullen was in the 4th HP film, so maybe it is more natural than we give him credit for? Just sayin.

    Fer real- I wish you could come up to Boston and see the Harry Potter Exhibit they have at the museum of Science. It is incredible. I am going for my 2nd time tomorrow and won't be the last.
    If you come up, I can get you in for only $5. I don't think you heard me right, i said five dollah CASH!!

  4. I've been combing the internet for a picture of him in a purple velvet smoking jacket which I swear I've seen him wear. This is not my imagination, Internet!

    Basically, what I'm saying is, I agree.