Thursday, November 12, 2009

In the Sleepy Hollow of my Hand

In November of last year, by brother, James, came for a visit.
We did the usual things,
MoMA, Dessert Truck, general cavorting.

We also borrowed a car from some friends and drove up the Hudson.
We stopped in Sleepy Hollow.

My brother,
with his beautiful camera,
just about died when we got into that amazing town.

But this, friends, is not about James,
it's about me,
and these are my photos.

Is there anything as beautiful as an old cemetery,
on a quiet, overcast day in November?

The weather was cold.
Not yet bitter, but getting there, and we walked around for hours.
We split up, each of us going our own way,
finding the stones and monuments that interested us most.

This insignia is on every street sign in Sleepy Hollow.
It's a beautiful town.
The kind of town where Halloween movies take place:
beautiful houses,
majestic town buildings,
colorful leaves scuttling along sidewalks.

We kept driving up, north, and ended up in Livingston Manor,
which is also lovely and idyllic.
The high school has a clock tower that looks
like the town hall from Back to the Future.
So striking is the resemblance that James actually stopped the car,
turned around, and drove back to examine closer.

Upon closer examination,
we found that the high school was having
a spaghetti dinner fundraiser that very night.
We considered going to it,
but decided to at least supplement it with real food.
We ended up at The Beagle,
and the waitress assured us that we had made the right decision.
She said she knew the women cooking the spaghetti,
and the Beagle was much better.

The following day we asked for a recommendation,
and were directed to Rolling River.
A restaurant waaaaaay off the beaten path,
and totally, totally worth it.

The weather was, by this point, bitterly cold,
and this place was warm and we sat by the fire.
We ate rich russian food
cooked by a brilliant chef in a tiny kitchen,
served to us by his bohemian wife.

There were, at one point, six of these apple tarts.
We took three of them, and then we took three more.

We wiped them out.

Best trip ever.


  1. The Russian place was really good, I had forgotten about it. You didn't mention the Rosco dinner though, as I recall that was a Michelin star establishment.

  2. I have a weird love/obsession with cemeteries and now want to drive down to NYC to see this one! Especially in the winter where it is so creepy looking- so beautiful!!