Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My First Impresson, or From the Window of a Bronco

The first time I ever saw Andy, it was from the front seat of a car (Annie's). I was visiting her, and we were headed to Wendy's for a late night jr. bacon cheeseburger (obviously). Annie saw Andy's Bronco, Vicky, on the drive over and followed her into the empty parking lot next to Arby's. Andy was on a similar sandwich themed mission.

Arby's was closed, and Andy leaned out the window of his truck, and discussed his options with Annie.

Picture it: A brisk Rexburg night, Andy in his white vintage Ford Bronco, leaning ever-so-casually out the window, cracking wise and looking cool.

It was a very impressive impression.

Annie, of course, persuaded him to join us at Wendy's, and ta da, we got on like a house on fire.

He disappeared from my life for a while there, but then made a reappearance. With a vengeance. And he's been impossible to shake ever since.

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  1. I read the title, and I was so hoping for an expose on O.J Simpson.