Monday, November 30, 2009

North by North Carolina

I went to North Carolina. For five days. To see Annie, Ben, Jack, and Lila.

We did a lot of things. I had some requests for how I wanted to spend my time. I wanted to be picked up from the airport and taken directly to Red Robin.

So, Annie picked me up and took me directly to Red Robin.

I wanted to go to the mall, so Annie took me to the mall.

I wanted to eat a pretzel from the Aunt Annie's at the get the idea.

The whole trip was a dream come true. Really.

We went to Andy's, which has chili fries and food that comes in cars.

Observe the car.

We went to the Target. Note: they provide free cookies at this Target. Reason enough to move.

Jack and I went on an idyllic walk.

And took in suburban Raleigh.

These two photos were take by Jack. I think he's got a real eye.

And this one, Jack and me, looking long limbed and summery.

A perfect, perfect trip.

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  1. seriously, i did everything i could to get you to stay. many of which you mentioned here and all involving food. how did it not work?