Monday, November 2, 2009

too much-ness, too little-ness

Weekend Highs:
Masterpiece's Wuthering Heights
5 Guys cheeseburger (which doesn't say so, but is a double)
fountain coke
giant bag of licorice
Brooklyn, Brooklyn, Brooklyn on Halloween night (cool, windy weather, fallen leaves scuttling along the sidewalk, adorable jack-o-lanterns in brownstone windows...almost toxically precious)
Andy's chili
Ladyhawk (watched it for the 1st time)
seeing the beginning of the New York City Marathon run by my apartment

Weekend lows:
muscle tightness
lack of fountain coke (for most of the time)
my favorite marathoner, Ryan Hall, came in 4th
the end of Ladyhawk (absurd)

*picture via here

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