Saturday, December 26, 2009

C-Town was sold out of eggnog, and other tales of Christmas in Brooklyn

James and I were on our own this Christmas, and so we were in a position to begin our own traditions. So, from here on out, this is what we will do:

We will meet up on Christmas Eve eve, to "take in the city". We will then get into a petty fight, and reconcile in F.A.O. Schwartz.

I will offer to buy James a Empire State Building Lego set ($20), and he will decline in favor of the Death Star Lego set ($200). I will decline.

We will, despite the freezing weather, look closely at the windows at Bergdorf Goodman (this year, the women's side is Alice in Wonderland, the men's side is The Fantastic Mr. Fox).

We will pass by Tiffany's and I will stop by the window, and inexplicably sigh. We will then come home and eat Thai food while watching A Christmas Story.

On Christmas Eve I will run by myself even though James said the night before that he would come with me. Then we will babysit for Christina and Abby, who are great. We will decorate sugar cookies with pals.

I will eat so much candy that I have to come home and lay down until the feeling that I'm slipping into a diabetic coma wears off.

James will play Santa Claus for a girl who's only wish is to catch Santa in the act (though, finding a child like this every year will be tricky). He will allow himself to be caught. He will say that this made this one of the best Christmases in a long time.

He will come home, and we will eat burritos while listening to Garrison Kellor's Christmas album. We will read the Christmas story in Luke, and The Gift of the Magi, by O'Henry. We will decide The Gift of the Magi is totally maudlin.

We will wake up Christmas morning, and despite it not being the right way, open stockings in bed, as James's family does. We will open Christmas gifts, and eat breakfast, and go for a five mile run (James says I ruin holidays with running).

We will watch movies, and eat candy, and I will ruin the mashed potatoes at dinner, and we will have a wonderful, wonderful Christmas.


  1. sounds awesome. it brought back fond memories of Christmas in NYC. there's nothing like it.
    and james is right, you do ruin holidays with running--what were you thinking?

  2. It's good to start new traditions. I like the one about ruining the mashed potatoes. My new tradition is to forget to make the sweet potatoes.

  3. We liked our new tradition of Ben and Annie coming over Christmas morning to open presents with us - complete with Jack and Lila liking the gifts from the dollar spot at Target the best!