Wednesday, December 23, 2009

We do the same things, hoping to get the same results

Josh writes these stories.
Well, some stories, some personal essays.
And, they're wonderful.
He'll be published soon,
and be the next Jonathon Safran Foer
(but with less pretension, and more swears).

Renae is a parole officer.
She speaks Spanish and I'd want her backing me in a fight.
She's little, but scrappy.
While in New York, she downloaded an application
that sounded like kittens mewing.
She used it frequently.

Josh and Renae came to visit us over Thanksgiving,
and there was much to be thankful for.

The BHC, in part.
(the BHC is a writing group started in a little apartment in Idaho,
with four writers,
four moleskine notebooks,
and too much attitude).

Josh and Renae take a holiday break.

This is at the MoMA.
I like to ask people which they would choose,
if they could pick any of them.
I think it says a lot about a person.
I think they choose Pepper Pot.
A solid decision.

We wait to be amused on Friday night.

We were.

We did many things; many things we usually do with visitors.
But we do them again and again because they are awesome.

We hit up the aquarium at Coney Island.
You can't tell,
because they're photographs,
but it was cold, cold.

This is me with a walrus. I love him.

I love that I have friendships that span many states.
It can be tricky to hold onto friends when your link,
the thing that drew you together
(college, a ward, a play),
is gone.
But, I've found some worth keeping.

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