Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Who Didn't Have a Crush on Steve from Blue's Clues?

I've watched more cartoons as an adult than I'd care to admit.
Not willingly, like I have some weirdo thing with cartoons.
But, while babysitting,
or hanging out with friends who have children,
I have watched my fair share.

I don't like them terribly,
I would watch a Dora the Explorer marathon
before watching the live action shows aimed at kids.

So witless, so uncomfortable.

The only one I ever found interesting
(again, as an adult)
was Wishbone.
But, that show starred a dog.
And he was great.

On this subject,
I have heard The Suite Life of Zach and Cody
impugned more than once.
I've had the grave misfortune to have
caught an episode with my niece.
It is...unspeakable.

Here's more.


  1. i remember you telling me about this. the article is both hilarious and appalling.

  2. First point, I didn't.

    Second point, cartoons got me through college.

    Third and final, those Disney shows are so bad they seem imported.