Friday, January 8, 2010

Facts, in Moderation

Fact: Vans are the worst winter footwear known to man.
I had an inkling of this as I walked around New York through November and December, but the message was brought clearly home as I tromped around Michigan in January. My feet were cold the entire time, and twice I thought they were in danger of frostbite.

Fact: Jeans always feel tight when you're on a plane home from Christmas/New Year's vacation, despite the best of intentions.
It's a bad combination; the holiday eating, the skipped morning run in the rush to get out the door, the cabin pressure. Whatever the reasons are, I always feel like the bag of chips you bring in your bag, that halfway through the flight look like they're about to blow up. That bag of chips is me.

Fact: I haven't had a banana in a month.
Well, maybe more like two weeks. Still, though.

Fact: I don't hate cold weather running as much as I thought I did.
I mean, don't get me wrong, who wouldn't like a more temperate day, but, I ran a few times in Michigan, and, thanks to my trusty New Balance running shell, it was okay.

Fact: Nothing seems like a good idea when you're tired.
I'm considering my post work options for this evening (grocery shopping, GRE study, run, frame shopping), and all of them seem like terrible, terrible ideas.


  1. Fact: You make me laugh so hard every time I read your posts. You are one of the funniest gals ever.

  2. Airplanes are one of the main reasons for stretchy pants.

  3. Spot on.

    Imagine that bloated chip bag feeling + pregnancy + transatlantic flight. It's taken me a month to recover from it.

    Also, January makes me grumpy too. I shouldn't have to put away my favorite shoes just because of weather.