Monday, January 25, 2010


Have you ever finished a book,
and felt just heartbroken that there was no more book to read?
I do.
All the time.

I just finished Percy Jackson and the Olympians,
a young adult series 5 books long,
and I loved it.

With the pressure of studying for the GRE,
getting off-book for two Shakespearean roles,
and just enduring January,
Percy Jackson was just what the doctor ordered.

The books, while not Pulitzer prize winning writing,
are so fun, and so enjoyable.
They showcase the Greek myths, which I love,
and have such a likable main character
(you guessed it, Percy Jackson)
I'm kinda in love with him.

I was so reluctant to not have these books any more that I put off reading the 5th installment for two weeks. I had jury duty last Thursday, and knew I'd need something exciting to get me through it. I finished 3/4 of it while performing my civic duty, and then, somehow, managed to spread out reading the last 4th over the next 4 days.
I finished last night (very, very exciting), and now what?
What do I do with myself now?

And, of course, today is a perfect day for reading.
Very overcast.

I hate this...and still, I love it.


  1. From one young adult novel lover to another: Have you read The Pretties series? I really liked those and suggest you add them to your book list (disclaimer: I read these in the summer, so my bias toward them is a little skewed as I usually LOVE whatever book I'm reading in 70 degree weather... so they may not be as good as I remember).

  2. I totally sympathize. Just finished the first 3 Shannon Hale Bayern books and ok, there's a fourth, but I don't have it in the house and highly desire it. Have you read Hunger Games? Love.

    PS, I'm so happy when you blog.

  3. are you going to see the movie? i'm not gonna lie, it looks lame.

  4. Carrie: I haven't read The Pretties, but they are now on my radar. And, I agree, almost anything is pleasant in the summer.

    Ana: I have The Hunger Games. A pal loaned it to me. I haven't yet started, as I'm still mourning Percy Jackson.
    But, Ana, I have faith that I can love again.
    p.s. thanks, lady.

    Annie: The movie looks unfaithful to the books in the extreme. For one thing, Percy begins the books at 12 years old. And there's no romance. There are five books, and there's such a nice build to maturity, and it looks like the movie will destroy that utterly.
    But, yeah, I'm going to see it.