Friday, January 15, 2010


James works pretty early in the morning, so he goes to bed early, sometimes before I do.
As I got into bed the other night, he rolled over, asleep, and told me the name of his new band was Grizzly Feet Face.

Every time he pantomimes ordering a funny taco from Taco Bob's, I can't stop laughing.

Once, after we had decided - together - to rid our house of sweets, I filled a half full carton of ice cream with water. He gave me this look of total shock and horror. He's never forgotten that.

James has super big feet. When my shoes are anywhere near his, the difference in size is startling.

James thinks that wearing glasses makes him less "fun". He's also concerned that if he were to get into a fight, he would have to stop the fight saying, in a high-pitched tone, "my glasses".

James is the boy in the windowpane shirt in this photo.


  1. That's the best picture ever taken of me. I think it captures my true nature.

    Don't ever water my ice cream again. I had another nightmare about it.

  2. james also hates it when you take his pickles even though they were discarded with the tomatoes. next to refuse IS refuse.