Thursday, February 18, 2010

Guess what? The Olympics, that's what.

1. My loyalties are basically fluid. I mostly root for the USA, but, if there's a really compelling competitor, like the Kazakhstan cross-country skier gutting it out (without the aid of 22 ski wax experts the Swiss had) and finishing 5 overall, then all bets are off.

2. I don't like to see a podium sweep. It seems unsporting.

3. There are a lot of surprisingly attractive male curlers.

4. The female curlers (I'm looking at you Denmark) wear too many accessories (and skirts? really?).

5. I pretty much root for whoever the figure skating commentators are against, and vice versa. I really hate the figure skating commentators.

6. Shawn White seems cool and is a good snowboarder, but he still has girl hair.

7. Did anyone else notice that incredibly insincere moment between Shawn White and his coach after the former won the gold medal in the half-pipe? The coach had one eye on the camera the whole time, like he was auditioning for a future reality show.

8. I love that P & G commercial with the little kids as Olympians. I prefer the long version of it. It does not, however, make me cry.

9. I spend an inordinate amount of time imagining what it would be like to live in the Olympic Village, specifically, what it would be to eat in the cafeteria, surrounded by Olympians.

10. I watch a lot of Olympic coverage.


  1. Agreed on all of it.
    ~The German curling team has one very attractive player (player? curler? curlist? Who knows. I need to learn more about the "sport").
    ~I want to take scissors to Shawn White's hair.
    ~I want to start a petition to take figure skating off of primetime olympics. It's just about my only time to watch and they fill it all up with men in tight jumpsuits with sparkly swans on them. It's just not okay.

  2. Camille, I used to be really into figure skating, but, I find myself fast moving away from it. I also noticed the feathery outfit. My least favorite part was when that guy covered his face with his feathered was horrifying.

  3. Shawn White does indeed have girl hair. I have been wondering if he diffuses it. (My curly hair radar says yes.)

  4. Let's be friends. Because I could have written this exact post, including the comments because the feather hands made me want to run away.

    I noticed a cute Danish curler today. Who knew?

  5. I, too, am an Olympics junkie. I can't get enough. Although I'm pretty much over the over-hyped American athletes. I love the underdogs. I love when Chris Collinsworth or Mary Carillo do little snippets about a lesser-known athlete. I find myself cheering like crazy for them, which I guess is what they want from me. Right?

  6. okay so i know you wrote this several days ago, but i have several comments. It took me at least five minutes of talk to convince mckay that shawn white was a boy. I'm still not sure he believes me.
    I'm writing a letter to the olympic committee to have ice dancing officially removed as an olympic sport.
    and did you not see the mcdonalds commerical where you can get the same special chicken mcnugget sauce as the athletes have in the olympic village. run right now to mcdonalds and you can eat like an olympian.