Monday, February 22, 2010


I wrote, a few posts ago, that I thought a lot about eating in the Olympic Village cafeteria.

My sister, Silvia, responded that I could go to McDonalds and eat the new 'Olympic" dipping sauce with my chicken mcnuggets, and that would be "like" being in the Olympic Village.

Silvia, please.

I'm speaking from personal experience when I say that eating at a New York McDonalds is quite possibly the exact opposite of eating in the Olympic Village cafeteria.


  1. I think there is some irony in this, the mere fact that you find yourself in McDonalds buying sauce to support the Olympics, might mean you in fact are supporting what I guess would be the complete opposite.

  2. Well I guess you'll have to close your eyes and imagine really hard, cause that's as close as you're gonna get.

    I am seriously thinking of going and trying it. I am a big fan of the sweet and sour sauce, so I don't know if anything can beat it. And here's a disgusting fact. The marquee outside our mcdonalds states that you can now buy a 50 piece chicken mcnugget. aaacckk.