Monday, February 1, 2010

In the Arizona Morn

I like to have adventures.
So, when I visited Arizona last weekend, Annie took me hiking.

She chose South Mountain,
and a trail that follows the National Park trail
for about two miles in,
then branches off to a trail called the Hidden Valley Trail
for another two miles.

We made it through Fat Man's Pass (pictured below, with Annie)
at the beginning of the Hidden Valley trail,
and then we saw cat paw prints.
Big cat paw prints.

It had rained the night before, and the dirt was soft,
but whatever made these impressions was big.
And heavy.
There were other human footprints on the trail,
but the paw prints crossed over them all.
The most recent.

It was about then that Annie and I became very aware of the time,
and reasoned that we shouldn't keep our sister
waiting too long for us,
and should probably turn around.

So, we did.
In a big hurry.

We got lost a couple of times on the way back.
Not lost exactly, just turned around.
We jogged up to higher ground and were able to spot the trail.

It's disconcerting how easy it is to loose the way.
I suppose now would be the time to draw some
elegant analogy about life, and paths, and higher ground.
But, I'm not going to.

I will say that Bear Grylls makes it look like a cinch.
(I will also say that I referred to Bear Grylls no less than a billion times as we hiked)

Back-to-back-sister-pose. It never gets old.

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