Tuesday, February 16, 2010

When I should be Running

I want to publicly thank the Greeks for the Olympics. They are the best thing...ever.

Other weekend stats:

Hours of Olympic coverage watched: Innumerable
Number of cupcakes eaten: also Innumerable
Movies watched: 1 (percy jackson...I won't go into my disappointment here)
Slices of french toast: 2 (2 too many, it took me half a day to recover)
Auditions attended: 2
Rehearsals attended: 1
Wendys walked out of: 1 (Harold Square)
Money spent at Trader Joe's: $30
Miles run (over the week): 23.5
Miles run (over the Brooklyn Bridge): 5.5

I also want to publicly thank Shiloh and Tyson for an awesome run on Saturday morning. It was cold, but sunny, and the bridge was a wonder. We, accidentally, coordinated our running outfits:

Me: black running tights, black running shell, red ear muffs. iPod
Shiloh: black running tights, black woolly shell, red headband-ear-coverer. iPod
Tyson: black pants, red sweatshirt, iPod

We looked, simultaneously, adorable and stupid.


  1. Cupcakes! That's what I've been missing during my hours of olympics watching.