Sunday, March 7, 2010

After 26 Miles, I Don't Feel a Thing

I ran 26 miles this week, and feel fine.
This is only noteworthy because I ran fewer last week, and could barely move.

I'm going to list 3 outfits I wore this weekend,
and then the things I did and the things I ate while wearing them.

I'm telling you this ahead of time so you can stop
reading if you thinks this sounds unimportant.

#1. Jeans, thermal, sweatshirt, and puffy vest. It was warm-ish on Friday, and I felt like my arms could stand not being encased in down.
I met up with a friend in Chelsea at the Grey Dog to run Macbeth lines. We, unsurprisingly, chatted more than we worked. I ate half a huge cookie and a turkey club with bacon, in that order.

#2. Black dress, bright pink tights, black sling-backs, black vintage coat (pilfered from Annie). In this dress I attended a short play, Wolves, in Manhattan, which had the best ending of any play I've ever seen, then went to Andy's mocktail party in Brooklyn. At this party I ate goat-cheese-stuffed-dates-wrapped-in-bacon like it was my job, and drank a Genghis Khan with an orange slice garnish and an umbrella. I also watched as James did 6 shots of straight maraschino cherry juice. It was one helluva party.

#3. Jeans, t-shirt, sweatshirt. I wore this to rehearsal in Tribeca where I ran an arduous cue-to-cue for Comedy of Errors and Macbeth. It was simultaneously miserable and absolutely necessary. By the end of rehearsal I had what my pal Ginny (lady macbeth) called "director face". She said it like it was a dread disease. I ate Chex Mix and drank coke. And then I ate a Cadbury cream egg.


  1. how could anyone consider that unimportant.

    they must not have a heart.

  2. is the grey dog that Michigan themed restaurant? Also, that sounds delicious.

  3. I'm loving the sound of those pink tights, and also those pretty flowers. I always think your apartment has great lighting, or so it appears in all your pictures!

  4. Sus, agreed. I've been thinking of you, lady.

    Allen, yes it is Michigan-themed. And it was. Make yourself those bacon dates sometime, and eat them all yourself.

    Marta, the pink tights are a winter staple (and, let's get real, the black ones, too). The lighting in those photos is good, but also, it summer light, which makes me itch for warm weather again.

  5. Valerie, I'm uber impressed by your 26 miles, for I've just run 5 and finding stairs very formidable.