Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Red Canvas, 2009

I carried the same purse all last summer. I bought it at a street sale for $2. It is huge and impractical, without any pockets, so everything just rattles around inside of it.

But, it is red canvas, piped with white, and just looks like summer.

At Smiling Pizza, when Annie came to visit. We went late, met up with Andy and Shiloh, I drank a fountain coke (of course) and Annie drank a fountain Dr. Pepper (of course).

This is at Washington Square Park, where James and I ate Wendy's in the new summer sun. Nick met us, and we people watched the hipsters skateboarders in Union Square.

This is on the steps of the Met with Mal. It started raining just after this, a warm, spring rain, and we didn't have umbrellas.

The dressing room at Gallery Players. The play I did was in a group of short plays, and I always forgot to bring a book, so, after I was done, I would find myself going through my bag again and again, just for something to do.

The Shake Shack, with GK, Susanna, and Alex on the Upper West Side. That shake, the black and white, was a wonder to behold. I insisted that James and I share, and, though it was last summer, he's only just forgiven me for that.

At home, with fruit. That's honeydew on the right, and, as James doesn't really love honeydew, I doubtless ate the whole thing.

At Betsy and Larry's house, in Connecticut, where we went with GK and Susanna on a last vacation before they left. This is where we swam in the bathtub pool, swung on a rope swing, and tried not to think of GK and Susanna leaving.

I'm gearing up for summer in a big way, and wonder what it will look like this year.


  1. oh, i'll tell you what it will look like: mall, eclipse, sleep, eat, eclipse, run, eclipse...

  2. Samsies. also I might be like 100 pages into book 1.

  3. i remember that bag....i was with you when you bought.....i too considered buying it, just like that other used/vintage bag, if you will recall......you know the one