Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Surprising New Tick

Last weekend I finished a production, fourth of four Shakespeare plays I was scheduled to do.

Running on empty doesn't really sum up the experience, but, for all it's stresses, it was pretty fun.

That being said, it was also really stressful. I didn't realize how stressful until suddenly, during dress rehearsal, I started to refer to myself in the third person. You know, like, "Valerie is getting outta here", or "Valerie needs a big gulp" (I said this last one a lot).

I've never done this before, and I don't find it funny or charming, more annoying and vaguely delusional, so, I'm sure I wasn't doing it on purpose. If I could wager an arm-chair-psychologist's guess, I'd say it was a subconscious manifestation of my stress.

I'm done now, with the lot, and I'm hoping this particular tick goes away. Because let me tell you, Valerie does not need this.


  1. Lav thinks only the coolest people talk about themselves in third person. How's that for arm-chair psychology?

  2. Annie, thanks.

    Bonnie, I'm not positive that makes me feel any better. But, then again, maybe it does.