Monday, March 15, 2010

This is What I Mean, Truvy

When I spoke of "nerd shows", perhaps I should have been more specific.

I don't mean documentaries on hoarding on Discovery, or "I didn't know I was pregnant" on TLC (what happened to that channel, anyway), or Shark Week.

No, those are educational. Watching those is practically going to school for psychology, medicine, and zoology, respectively.

No, I'm talking about nerd shows. Show like Battlestar Galactica and Firefly. Nerd stuff.

Oh, also, I did background work on 30 Rock last week (that's code for being an extra). It was the season finale. Just in case you're watching it and you see someone who looks a lot like me in a really hideous dress, you'll know that it is, indeed, me.


  1. Um, hum. Does it have to be in space to be a nerd show? Just wondering, because I know you like Buffy, and so do I, and I think it has some pretty strong nerd factors.

  2. Well, being in space helps, nerd-wise.

    And yeah, fair point about Buffy. But, Ana, this post is about judging, not self-examination.

  3. WHAT!! That is so exciting that you were in 30 Rock!! You guys are the coolest people I know, honestly. Not just cause of what you do, but because of who you are... Okay- onto sweeter things than cheese, I honestly will re-watch the finale over and over and show everyone YOU, assuming I see you.... And I am coming to NYC in April- so be on the look out