Sunday, March 14, 2010

TV Confessions

I love tv. I love it. I love it too much. I'm not, strictly speaking, allowed (by law) to have tv, because I watch it too much.

My tastes are pretty broad. I like re-runs, mostly of Golden Girls and Saved by the Bell (I just caught the wedding in Las Vegas). I watch 30 Rock and Community, I'm pretty much off The Office, and I try to catch Seinfeld when it's on at 11:30.

So, that being said, this is what I do not watch:

I didn't even make it through the first season. I stopped watching two episodes before the end. It started to feel like a part-time job. And, it started to feel a little republican-y.

Same thing. Too much commitment.

Law and Order SVU
Yeah, like I need to watch a show about violent crimes that take place in New York City.

Don't even get me started. That show is never going to answer any of your questions. NONE OF THEM.

Anything on "E" (except The Soup)
I hate to see those people "reporting" info-tainment so earnestly. It makes the world seem so small.

Yeah, I get that people like it, but, meh, it's not for me.

Anything nerdy
Nerds, you know what shows I'm talking about.

Ugh, I have to get rid of cable.


  1. If by nerdy you mean anything on the Discovery or History channel... then I'm way to nerdy to be commenting on such a cool blog.

  2. keep cable, tivo gilmore girls for me.

  3. No Lost or Glee????
    Hmmm.......I'm contemplating whether you'll be able to come for dinner in the future. Does Shiloh feel the same way? Because they are THE BIG DINNER guests on a regular basis. James of course is always invited since he is Jack's best friend.

  4. Ouch, Jules. I can't believe you'd say that after we shared opening night of New Moon together.

  5. Just so you know, Candace and I felt the same about 24, not that it was republican-y, just that it was asking too much from us and not delivering anything good.

    I wish I could have a nerd sleepover with James so he could feel okay nerding out to all the stuff that you hate. I could act like an idiot while we played video games, it would be like college all over again.

    Also, do you like Scott Pilgrim?

  6. Have you seen the Tv Show " Gilmore Girls". It great comedy show. I love watching it and never miss it..must go for it.
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