Sunday, March 14, 2010

Who's not ready for this?

March breaks my heart.
Every year.
It starts to warm up, and I tell myself,
Valerie, don't get your hopes up
but, inevitably, I get my hopes up,
and then
it goes all cold again.

Last week it was in the 60s,
this weekend was rainy and very windy,
next week is sunny and in the 60s.

It will be light when I get home from work,
and a bird chirps outside my window in the morning.

I'm getting my hopes up.

p.s. I'm currently watching The Cutting Edge. I'm just at the "those are figure skates, pal" part. I love this movie.

p.p.s. I took both these pictures last spring. The first is a tree on my street, the second is in Prospect Park.


  1. Even northern california does that nasty trick. they call it false february around here because you think you've made it through the gloomy rain. i know it's not icy cold wind, but still....

    miss you.

  2. awe yes, the vale of cashmere, its only a matter of time until its at its peak....march will be over before you know it, and the games it plays with your mind will end too.