Wednesday, April 14, 2010

5K for Lila J

Saturday, May 1st. You busy?
If not, scoot down to Texas to run in the
5K for Lila J,
a race honoring the strongest toddler I know.

If you, I don't know, won't be around Texas,
or will be, but broke both shoelaces on your running shoes,
please feel free to donate to the cause.
All proceeds will benefit the
Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation.

For more information on Lila, visit her mother's blog here, here, or most of 2009, or read my post here.


  1. lila has been training. i mean, how embarrassing if she couldn't finish the race that's named after her.

  2. Holy Chinese spam!

    Yeah, so anyway. Thanks for posting this, Valerie. This kind of story is just... Let's say the tissue box and I got real close this afternoon.