Sunday, April 25, 2010

Falling in North Carolina

I'm in North Carolina, and I fell.

I got here Thursday, and I fell on Friday.

Annie and I were running, and I tripped over an uneven patch of sidewalk. It was unspectacular, Annie said it looked like it was happening in slow motion. I tried to stop myself, and I thought, a couple of times, that I had succeeded, but no. We were going slightly downhill, and I could feel gravity behind me, pushing like a freight train, and I went all the way down, flat on my chest, the palms of both hands flat on the ground and skinned.


In better news, I got free coke and chik-fil-a today.

Happiness abounds.


  1. 1.) As I always seem to fall whenever I run I hate to say it, but I'm not surprised.

    2.) I just purchased some bandages that look like bacon. I know that if I send one now it will be too late to do you any good but there will be another fall, oh yes, there will be.

    3.) I hope you feel better soon. No, seriously. I know I sounded cynical in those first to points but I mean it. Skinned hands are crummy.

  2. Karina fell yesterday and she was hysterical. I bet you were the same way.

  3. For a moment, I felt your pain__then I thought of free faux chicken__ and all was well in the world again. You're so lucky.