Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Super Special

So, I was a pretty avid reader as a child. I was also a little less discerning, in that I pretty much read whatever, and now, you know, I have some standards (it's not like I'm reading Nicholas Sparks over here).

But, as I said, as a kid, I'd pretty much read whatever, particularly if it was in my sister Silvia's closet, which is where she kept her books. Which meant that I read a fair amount of Sweet Valley Twins (silly, and vaguely mean-spirited), Sweet Valley High (total awesome trash), and, of course, The Babysitters Club.

I guess I identified with Dawn, because she was from California, but, I don't know, she never really did anything. In that sense, I'm a Kristy through and through. I loved that she had ideas and made things happen.

So, they're re-releasing the books, with a prequel, and obviously, I'm pretty pumped. If you have 5 minutes, or even if you don't, blow off what you were going to do and read this.

Also, ALSO, there are blogs. Lots of them. My favorite is What Claudia Wore, which is a perfect riff of the spectacularly narcissistic What I Wore (narcissistic, yes. imminently readable, also yes).


  1. A friend told me once that she read Gone With the Wind at 12. I told her I was still reading the Baby-sitters Club at 12. Then we both looked at each other with profound pity.

  2. This post makes me very happy. I read hundreds of these books. With the freedom of "summer" (AKA the end of the semester) now here, I just might re-read a handful of these...

  3. This summer you should read the Hardy Boys or Tom Swift and I will read The Babysitter's Club.

  4. I think I may have read every single Babysitter club book, and I own the movie on VHS. I myself, am a Claudia. Bad grades with too much creativity. On the other hand, I related to Mary Ann and her strict parents. The babysitter's club got me through inner city elementary school.

  5. Mallory is the reason I don't care for my name very much. Who likes the red-haired nerd with glasses?

  6. Valerie, I found this blog just now and am DELIGHTED to see a post on the BSC. I, too, was a Kristy, no matter how much i thought i wanted to be a Claudia or Stacey. But I could be Stacey now! Holla NYC! I wish there was a dotted-i's-with-hearts font...