Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Strait of Gibraltar

The Ragnar Relay begins Friday. I will run just under 16 miles in three legs in 24 hours. This is more than I've run in 24 hours. To date, the most I've run in a 24 hour period is 13.1. So, this is new.

31 miles is also new. That's what I ran last week (in total). I'm happy with the total, and I'd like to make it a more permanent thing, but, here's what I felt: exhausted. Tired allllllll the time. I couldn't get enough sleep. I'd sleep 8 hours at night, and then have to drag myself out of bed. I was tired every afternoon. I was hungry, but no more than usual (which is pretty hungry), just really tired. I'm taking it easier this week, hoping to have fresh legs for the race.

For some, these numbers are not impressive. For me, they are big, and new. I'm standing at the edge of the strait, about to sail into unfamiliar waters.

1 comment:

  1. Sail away lady. Sounds like a dream.

    GK gave me new running shoes for Mother's Day. I'm so excited to be running again it makes me weepy.

    Good luck in the big race. Any chance of a run in CA any time soon?