Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Weekend Cowboy Round-up

Banner Weekend
(particularly for eating)

-James gets home super late on Friday night. I fall asleep on the couch and dream of surprising Darren and Lindsey with a spontaneous Idaho visit.
-Late morning run with Shiloh and James (sorta) on Saturday in the park. We finish and lounge on the Great Lawn. James and I both get temporarily sunburned.
-Park-picnic-party for JD (we sing a round of "for he's a jolly good fellow"--only one verse, though Andy keeps insisting there are more).
-I eat two hot dogs and two helpings of Melissa's banana pudding. This is nothing compared to JD, who topped off his 2 hot dogs and 2 hamburgers with finishing the rest of the bbq-ed meat in a hamburger-3 hot dog monstrosity. It also had blue cheese. It was appalling. And hilarious. Shiloh has photos.
-Melissa makes homemade carrot cake. I eat a piece and take another home in a cup.
-Ah-mazing weather all weekend, especially Sunday morning--you know, the kind of weather that makes me you feel limitless (right James?).
-I eat Melissa's carrot cake for breakfast on Sunday. Perfect.
-I forget to bring any candy to church, and look squinty-eyed at JD who is chewing suspiciously during combined RS/Priesthood.
-I make bbq-ed (wow, I didn't realize i ate so much bbq themed meat this weekend) beef sandwiches and my cousin Mary's potato salad, and Tyson brings tortellini salad and a peach raspberry pie for Sunday dinner.
-I work on my secret project.

In other news, I had to get rid of my analog scale, because I couldn't handle the emotional turmoil caused by trying to calibrate it. The thing about an analog scale is, you're in charge of zero-ing it, so, it's possible to "zero" it at half pound under zero. Disaster.

Also, a collection of food trucks are gathering tomorrow in Brooklyn, for either some kind of celebration, or turf-war cage fight. Either way, we're going.


  1. Love that potato salad. It spells summer.

  2. A-greed. I love that family cookbook.

  3. that post made me happy and so so sad.
    i miss you people more than i miss LOST.

  4. Wow, Annie. That's saying something.

  5. That's one seriously awesome dream.

    Please bless it comes true soon.

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