Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Popsicle Dream

What I am looking forward to this summer:

Coney Island
finding a perfect summer book
finding my new favorite shorts
finding out how my garden grows
4th of July Rooftop Party (hi-5 Shiloh)
hanging out with this guy (pictured above)
a visitor staying on the futon (who will it be?)
Shakespeare in the Park
Beach Party in Prospect Park
(the band, though an actual beach party would be awesome)
picnics, picnics, picnics
utilizing the company mini-van (who doesn't love a mini-van?)
learning to make herb infused lemonade
getting really good at Ms. PacMan (the New Years resolution)
compiling a list of recipes that are summer-perfect
swimming - as much as possible
Cape Cod (fingers crossed)
calamine lotion (I love the smell, it just smells like summer should)
the smell of Hawaiian Tropic sunblock
sandals (based on previous summers, there is a 98% chance I will buy the 1st pair I try on*)

I'm thinking of this now, because it is currently overcast and rainy, with no chance of sandals in sight. I'm trying to enjoy the rain, because it waters my garden for me, which I like. It is also good for watching Hitchcock movies, which I also like. I just watched Rear Window. Very suspenseful.

*full disclosure, I've already bought them.


  1. This post increased my summer longing tenfold.

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  3. You should drive up to Boston with the company van and tell them it was for research- there are a lot of Bostonian references in the 4th season, so you need to check it out ya know!!

  4. duh, have we never taken you to locopops here? it's just a store devoted entirely to popsicles. I had a creamy grapefruit poppy seed popsicle there a few weeks ago and said hello to delicious popsicly dreams on a stick.