Thursday, July 29, 2010

achy legs, dirty feet

Achy knees-I've been making up for some low mile weeks, and have been pushing a little harder. This causes any number of problems, including a low volume ache in my left shin and knee. This is what I had today.

Two days ago, James woke me up to tell me that our bathroom ceiling had fallen in, and goodbye, he had to go to work. Today, Plummers Tony and Hal showed up to fix it. Which they did by tearing down the rest of the ceiling, and, for some unknown reason, breaking cold water faucet on the sink. Dirty feet-I've walked around all day with ceiling bits on my feet.

I've also spent the day with a kind of pleasant expectation; the kind you get when you remember you have a package to open. I keep forgetting what it is that I'm looking forward to, and then I remember how much I'm enjoying Jane Eyre (a bit to my surprise, I remember reading it years ago, and enjoying it, but not as much as I am now).

Oh, and, you haven't asked how my garden grows, but, I'll tell you. It grows like this (see below). It's a cucumber. I walked outside one day last week, and there he was, just waiting for me. It also grows in the form of tomatoes and jalapenos, which I've already turned into salsa and eaten successfully on nachos.


  1. I too have been walking around with the "pleasant expectation" you mentioned. Also a result of Jane Eyre. I am enjoying it immensely. Especially my white with a lavender spine and torn edge linen pages copy you birthday-ed me a couple years ago. Shame on me for taking this long to read it.

  2. that's the most beautiful vase i've ever seen.

  3. I thought the vase was more appropriate when the roses were dead.

  4. Shiloh, I have books like that, that when I finally get around to reading them, I think, what took me so long. I'm glad you're enjoying it.

    Annie, I thought you'd like that.

    James, you're more appropriate...