Thursday, July 15, 2010

In the Dog Days of June

Allow me to give you a tip: When attending the midnight premiere of Eclipse, while visiting your pal Annie in North Carolina, after you've just eaten dinner at the fantastic Humble Pie (in the Warehouse District--hipster alert), avoid downing a 16oz Amped energy drink (by, and tastes like, Mountain Dew). Doing this will not accentuate your already significant energy, but, instead, make you feel jumpy and paranoid, like everyone is out to get you.

Despite the Amped fiasco, the BIG TRIP 2010 was a huge success. We got Ed-icures (pedicures for Edward--you can thank Annie for that bit of genius), we drank a bunch of cola while eating a bunch of food, candy, and popcorn, we ran, we played, and, true to tradition, Annie and I bought matching shirts (don't judge our traditions).

The thing I love about traveling to see these movies, other than just seeing the movie, is that everyone treats it like a mini-vacation. All the ladies get babysitters, or people to cover their shifts at the massage parlor where they work; we go to dinner, we go to the mall, and it's just giant fun.

Oh, and this cup. The one above. I know, it's...what's the word? Is there a word for it? Maybe not. It was a special, two of these and a giant popcorn. How could we refuse?

The gals again. Eclipse (times) 3, on July 2.

How, how, how can I wait for November 2011?


  1. i would force ben to watch the kids multiple nights in a a row for you anytime, lady.

  2. I knooooooooow. How can I endure it?

    p.s. I've been dreaming of Cafe Capistrano.