Monday, August 2, 2010

Brooklyn, Brooklyn, Weekend, Weekend

It starts before this, but let's pick up the narrative on Friday night, when James comes to meet me, along with Tyson and Walt (cousin) at Prospect Park for The Swell Season (the band). We all agree that the concert is more than a little sappy. I have managed to spread my blanket over what feels like a pile of acorns, and throughout the concert, I pull them out from under me.

We wake up (late) Saturday morning, and pull it together for a bike ride to Red Hook for the Food Truck food. I go for (and sort of regret) al pastor tacos, and James buys me corn, which I do not regret.

We bike home, during which James and I manage to get into a fight-while still riding-about directions. I would say that at least 50% of our fights involve directions.

We get over it on the way to Coney Island, which is important because you can't go to Coney Island with a bad attitude*.

Tyson has never seen the place during the daytime. He seems confused at first, and then tells me that it looses a bit of its charm. I, of course, disagree.

This trip demands a few divergences from Coney Island tradition. I do not get a Nathan's dog; the Red Hook tacos are still with me. We don't walk out onto the pier, but, we do ride the Cyclone. An $8 ride of terror. It's one of those wooden roller coasters that threatens to just shake apart at any moment. The seats are impossible to get into, the workers surly, and, the whole ride seems to be controlled by leavers pulled by a bored looking guy perched upon a stool.

It's awesome, of course.

We finish it up with 5 Guys and Sonic Youth (another band) in the park.

It doesn't exactly end here either-there is another day in the weekend-but, for our purposes, consider this the end.

*this is actually untrue. You're probably better off with a bad attitude while walking around coney island.


  1. I feel like Sonic Youth was the perfect end to a Cyclone ride day. And I could eat another Huarache RIGHT NOW.

  2. i see nothing regrettable about those tacos.

    is it just me, or is sonic youth real hit or miss?

  3. James, me too, on both accounts.

    Annie, I image you feel that way because you didn't eat those tacos and then ride the Cyclone. Come for a visit and maybe you'll change your tune.
    Also, yes, very hit or miss. The opening band, Grass Widow, was really cool

  4. I really wanted to go to see the swell season. Naturally I couldn't because I had to teach time.